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Malaysia is a highly modernized Muslim country that is the least tolerant and offers freedom to literally everyone. It’s one of the safest countries to live, ranking in the 20th spot. More importantly, it’s super affordable making it the idle choice for third-world countries like Pakistan. The country has one of the largest biodiversity, rich and ancient Malay culture, perfect tropical weather all year, one of the friendliest natives, and halal food everywhere.

Why Malaysia?


Super Affordable EducationEasy on the student’s pockets

Affordable For The StudentsMalaysia’s capital Kuala Lumpur has been ranked the second most affordable city for education twice in a year. One only needs around $3500 to $4500 per year to live comfortably including tuition fees, accomodation, and food.


Increasing International RecognitionImproving rankings of education institutes

Amazing Education ReformsThe Malaysian government has heavily invested in improving its education. That is why Malaysia is now the leading education hub in South Asia. In fact, 3 Malaysian universities have already placed themselves in the top 500 rankings.


Easy CommunicationThere’s No So-Called Language Barrier

English Programs Many Malaysian universities offer exclusive-English taught degree programs. Moreover, the majority of the population does know and speaks English. Bahasa Malaysia, the national language, is one of the easiest languages to learn.


A Modernized Islamic Country63.5% of the Population is Muslim

The New Islamic ModernizationSince the Middle East can get a bit expensive for Muslim students, Malaysia is the best alternative. However, it’s much more modernized than its Middle East counterparts.

Universities in Malaysia

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